Why Use Online Display Advertising?

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Display advertising is a great way to get your name out to potential customers.  You can reach more people than you can through any other advertising method.  And you have the ability to communicate through more than just text.  You can also use images and videos.  If you still need more reasons to use online display advertising, here are some reasons from Marcus Treacy.

Cost Effective

Display advertising is the cheapest way to get advertisements in front of your target audience.  You are also less likely to waste money showing your ads to people who wouldn’t be interested in them.

Get the Ads to Appear on Relevant Sites

When you post your ads on sites that your target audience is likely to be on, you are increasing the likelihood that they will see them.  You can choose sites that are related to your product or service or sites that have the same target audience.

Re-targeting Target Audience

You can show your target audience the same ad more than once, since they might not click on it the first time.  The more they see it, the more they will be reminded of your company.

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Increase Brand Exposure

By using display advertising, you are increasing your brand exposure.  When people hear about your business on multiple websites and social medias, they are more likely to buy your product or service.

Real Time Conversion Measurement

Your ads will make it easy for you to collect data about how many people are coming to your website in real time.  Every time someone clicks on your ad, you will gain information.

Ability to Track

You can track your click-through rates in weekly updates and use them to improve your strategies if they aren’t working.  You will know that they are working when your rates are where you want them to be.

Ability to Run A/B Testing

Display Advertising gives you the chance to test a strategy and adjust until you find something that works.  You can also test several strategies at once and rule out the ones that don’t work.

Display Advertising Success

Animal Planet is number one for its target audience.  It found its success through YouTube advertising.  YouTube provides a more interactive form of display advertising.

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Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you of all the benefits of online display advertising.  And Animal Planet’s success story is even more reason to get started today.

How to Improve Your Paid Search Marketing

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Once you have started a paid search campaign, you may be looking for ways to improve on what you already have.  Tereza Litsa wrote an article with seven tips to help you with that.  Here is a summary of what she had to say.

Set Up Conversion Tracking

One of the most important things about PPC is being able to track the success of your campaigns.  Adding some conversion code to your site can help you track these analytics.  This can help you to understand which ads are working to bring in more customers to your website.

Focus on Quality Keywords

It is vital to your campaign that you pick the right keywords.  This means you need to do some keyword research.  They keywords that you choose should be the ones that best match your goal.  These are not necessarily the most popular keywords.

Learn More About Your Audience

You should determine who your audience is before you start a PPC campaign.  Once you determine who your audience is, you should invest some time into learning more about them.  You can create personas that will help you understand what your typical customer might look like and this will help you target your ads more effectively.

Set a Landing Page that Matches Your Ads

Each of your ads should lead to landing pages that are specific to the ad.  The page should provide more details and answer common questions that relate to the ad.  This will make sure that customers are greeted with the information that they clicked on the ad for.

Focus on the Image of Your Ad

As our society becomes more and more visual, it is important to focus on more than just the copy in your ads.  The images are what will draw in your audience.  Your images should be relevant and high-quality.

Optimize Your Ads for Mobile

Since so many people use their phones for everything, you need to meet your customers where they are.  This means making sure your ads will look good in a mobile format.  Pay close attention to the habits of mobile users when you are designing your ads.  And make sure that you are also tracking how many clicks you are getting from mobile users.

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Explore PPC Ads Holistically

While PPC ads can be very effective on their own, it is worth considering a multi-strategy approach.  You could incorporate social media marketing or email marketing with your PPC ads to increase the amount of advertising that you are doing.  This will also give you a great opportunity to analyze your customers.

PPC Success Story

Coca-Cola has used PPC on Google to advertise.  They use copy to help convey the taste of Diet Coke in their ads.

coca cola
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This should give you a good overview to help you get started on improving your PPC campaigns.  Take what you already have done and just improve it.  You will see the results in the form of your business growing.

How to Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Business

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You might already be using Google Analytics to check the traffic to your website.  But the data is really only helpful for growing your business if you know what to look for and what questions to ask.  An article from Kissmetrics spells out what you should be asking when you are looking at your Google Analytics.

How do you Stack up with Your Competition?

Using Google Analytics you can determine if you are getting more or less traffic than your competitors.  But this isn’t the only thing that is important to know about your competition.  You should also be comparing things like average time spent on your site.  This will help to give you a better idea of how you compare to your competition.

Where in the World are You?

If you are only collecting information about what country the majority of your users are from, you aren’t going to get a very good idea of where your users are really from and what their needs are.  It’s important to find out what cities your users live in so that you can make sure that your users will have the best experience possible with your website.  It is much easier to tailor your website to the population of a specific city than it is to try to please an entire country.

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Window Shoppers vs Returning Customers

It’s important to know if most users are only using your site once and then never again, or if you have a lot of repeat customers.  If your users only use your site once, your main goal should be to get new people to visit your website.  If you have repeat customers, you should be using cookies to better customize your website for each user.

Are You Compatible?

Knowing what web browser the majority of your customers are using will help you to make sure that your website is compatible with as many users as possible.  You wouldn’t want to lose customers because they were all using a different browser than your website was made for.

What Causes People to Leave Your Website?

If a lot of people are leaving your website from a certain page, it may be time to look at that page and figure out what people don’t like about it.  One way to modify it could be to add some links to other pages on your website.  This will encourage the users to click on them and stay on your site.

Successful User of Google Analytics

If you aren’t convinced that Google Analytics are important, take a look at Airbnb.  They have managed to streamline their company by using the data that they collected from Google Analytics.  Because Google’s solution is faster than the one they were using before, they were able to increase the page load time on their website by 8%.

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By now you should have a good grasp of what you should be looking for when you check your Google Analytics.  If you use this data to your advantage, you will be able to improve the quality of your website and better fit the needs of your users.