Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

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The importance of marketing on social media is obvious, but you may not know where to start with each of the different platforms.  Here is a collection of articles covering tips on how to market on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


facebook marketing
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Here are the highlights from an article by Margot da Cunha on Facebook marketing.

Target an Insanely Specific Audience

You can, and should, use Facebook to target a very specific market.  But be careful, because if you try to be too specific, your plan can actually start to work against you.  It’s important to find a balance.

Run a Simple Contest to Up Engagement

Running contests are a great way to get your audience involved with your content.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, either.  You can just ask people to submit pictures of something that relates to your company.

Use Eye Contact in Your Images to Direct Attention

If you show people in your images looking in a certain direction, your audience will follow that gaze with their eyes.  This will guide people’s attention to your content and make them interested in what you have to say.

Humanize Your Brand with Fun Employee Photos

Since Facebook was made to allow people to interact with each other, let your audience see the people that run your company.  This makes your company seem less like a business and more like a group of actual human beings.

Only Pay to Promote Your Best Content

Wait to see which of your posts are doing the best and pay Facebook to give only your best content a boost.  This way, you aren’t wasting your budget on posts that won’t be as successful.


This is what Andy Vale had to say about Twitter marketing.

twitter marketing
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Discover Leads in Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats are full of people who are interested in something specific.  Find one that relates to your business and use it to promote your products or services.  You can also use it as an opportunity to connect with people.

Use IFTTT to Post Your Instagram Pictures

You can use IFTTT (If This, Then That) to automatically post your Instagram pictures to Twitter.  This will increase your engagement rates on those pictures because instead of showing up as a link, Twitter users will be able to see the actual image.

Strategically Look at Which Hashtags to Use

Hashtags are the best way to make sure that people that aren’t already following you will see your content.  Pick good hashtags so that you will reach as many people as possible.

Share Content More Than Once

Since not everyone will see everything you post the first time, if you post it more than once, you will increase the number of people that will see it.

Tweet at Optimal Times for Your Audience

You man already know that it is important to find out what hour your audience is most likely to be on Twitter.  But it can also be helpful to know what your audience is doing during that time so that you can tweet things that will be relevant to them right at that moment.


google+ marketing
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Jason Miller shared these tips for Google+ marketing.

Include Keywords and Relevant Links on Your About Page

People will go to your about page looking for an overview of your company.  Make sure that they have all the information that they need all in one place.  This can include links that they might be interested in.

Connect With Your Whole Audience Using Google+ Events

Google+ has an Events feature which allows you to send out invitations to events to anyone, even people who aren’t on Google+.  This allows you to connect to the portion of your audience that doesn’t use Google+ all from the same platform.

Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results

Make sure to include relevant keywords in your posts so that they will be more likely to appear on Google when someone searches for something related to one of your posts.  And make sure that you are posting content regularly.

Set Up Google Authorship for SEO Benefits

Google wants you to use Google+ and they will give you SEO benefits for being a part of it.  You have to identify yourself to Google through Google+ and link it to your content and you will see the benefits.

Find Relevant Users and Conversations to Engage With

This is the most important piece of advice for any social media platform.  You have to interact with the people in that community regularly.  Engage other users in conversation on both your personal page and your business page.

Hopefully these tips will help you use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ in your marketing.  You can use them to tailor your approach to each platform a little bit differently.