Social Media Marketing: Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr

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When you think of social media marketing, Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr may not be the first websites that come to mind.  But this doesn’t mean that they aren’t still valuable ways to connect with your audience.  If you aren’t sure how to get started with these websites, here is a collection of articles to help you.

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Eric Ysasi wrote an article offering these tips to help you get started with Reddit marketing.

Know Reddiquette

There is a list of rules called the Reddiquette document that should be followed when using Reddit.  Of course, not everyone follows these rules.  But if you want to be an accepted member of the community, you should read them and try to follow them.  It’s also good to know and follow the rules of any Subreddit you might be posting to.

Develop a Reputation

Remember that Reddit is a community, and some members are more respected than others.  On Reddit, your reputation is represented through karma points.  You can build this score by helping people in areas that you know a lot about and answering questions courteously.

Strike a Balance Between Self-Promotion and Community Interaction

Follow the 9:1 ratio.  This means that for every one link you post to your own content, you should be posting nine links to other content that you aren’t associated with.  This will keep you from spamming the community and it also encourages interaction between users.

Decide Which Content is Worth Pushing

Since you can’t push every piece of content you produce, it’s important to decide which parts are the most important.  Think about what will appeal most to Redditors and what will be worthy of discussion.

Learn to Deal with Difficult Feedback

Be prepared to be criticized every time that you post.  Learn to tell the difference between genuine criticism and trolls.  You shouldn’t ignore every piece of criticism you receive.  Some of it is worth responding to.  But you have to decide what will be a valuable conversation and what will just be a waste of time.

pinterest marketing
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Here are some tips from Christina Newberry on Pinterest marketing.

Add Save Buttons to Your Site

Use the Pinterest Widget Builder to put save buttons on the images on your website.  You can either have them added to every image automatically, or pick the ones that you want to add them to manually.  But the idea is to make it easy for people to share your images on Pinterest.

Pin Consistently

Pin at least one thing every day.  Preferably, you will do this during peak times, which are during the evenings and weekends.  If you have a lot to post, don’t do it all at once.  Spread it out over the course of a week so that you are posting more consistently.

Focus on Great Visuals

Make sure that your images are high quality.  The main point of Pinterest is visual content so successful posts have to look good.  This means making sure your images are well-lit and in focus.

But Don’t Neglect the Words

Just because Pinterest is a visual medium doesn’t mean that the words don’t matter.  Use the description to include a link to your website and give viewers some sort of incentive for clicking it.

Get Social

Just like with Reddit, Pinterest is a community.  You have to be involved with other users or they won’t want to interact with you.  Be a part of the community and people will be more receptive to your message.

tumblr marketing
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Here are some tips from Standard Marketing to help you with Tumblr marketing.

Optimize Your Tumblr URL and Profile

If you are a smaller company, you may want to include your location in your URL.  On your profile, make sure you have your business name and tagline.  You may want to create a hashtag for your company as well.

Customize Your Background to Speak to the Tumblr Crowd

Make sure to change your profile picture and background from the default ones.  And the background that you choose for your Tumblr account will probably be different from the one you use on your other social media accounts.  Choose something bright and eye-catching that will appeal to the audience that is found on Tumblr.

Enable and Encourage Users to “Ask Me Anything”

Make sure that your Ask box is open for people to send in their questions and start a conversation.  Your company will probably be perceived as experts in your field and you may get questions related to your industry.  Be prepared to answer them.

Let Captivating Photos Lead Followers

Tumblr is a highly visual platform so use high-quality pictures.  Make sure they are pictures that you have used on your website.  Link the source back to your website to lead people there.

Create Wisecracking Memes, GIFs, and Graphics Solely for Tumblr Followers

Develop a sense of humor that matches the one that is popular on Tumblr and create content that relates to it.  Make jokes that will appeal to the Tumblr audience.  They tend to like parody, satire, and self-deprecation.

You should have a good idea at this point of how to relate to the people on these three websites.  Reddit, Pinterest, and Tumblr are each very different in their own way and they may require some practice to understand their respective cultures but they can be great tools to interact with different audiences.


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