SEO: Basic Techniques

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SEO may seem intimidating at first glance, but all it stands for is Search Engine Optimization.  If you want to get more traffic to your website, you need to be at the top of the page when people type certain keywords into a search engine like Google.  This might sound like it would be difficult to achieve, but Brian Dean made a video explaining the 9 techniques that you need to know for SEO.

Use These Words in Your Title Tag, Get More Traffic

If you want to make it onto the front page of Google, you can use this list of words in your title tag:

  • Best
  • News
  • Reviews
  • Top
  • Guide
  • Information
  • Community

These words tend to get more clicks for searchers, so they end up with a higher ranking.

Find Long Tail Keywords With “Searches Related To…”

Search for the keywords that you are trying to target and scroll to the bottom of the page on Google.  The “Searches Related To…” box will have a list of keywords that are related to the ones you just searched.  You can use these to help boost your ranking.

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Use These Little-known Sources of Awesome Keyword Ideas

Instead of using Google for suggested keywords, you can use different sources.  Using websites like YouTube, Amazon, or Bing will get you a different set of results than the ones everyone else will have already thought to look for on Google.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate, Get Higher Rankings

Your bounce rate is the percentage of people that click on your website from Google search results and then click on the back button.  The lower your bounce rate is, the higher you will be ranked by Google.

Use Adwords to Optimize for Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

Look at the ads on the first page of the Google search results.  If there are words that a lot of them have in common, use them on your website to help optimize your CTR.  This will help you rank higher on Google.

Build Backlinks from “Link Roundups”

There are blogs that will post weekly or monthly posts that have links to a lot of new things that happened in an industry recently.  Find a blog that posts these link roundups and email them telling them that you like their posts and letting them know that your content might be a good fit for what they post about.  This will help you to be included in the next link roundup.

Resource Page Link Building

Resource pages are like link roundups only they include the best content of all time, instead of weekly or monthly.  Find a resource page that would fit your content and send the owner an email asking to be included.  If they like your content they will probably be happy to add your link to their resource page.

Publish “In-depth” Content

If the content that you are posting is in-depth, you will rank higher on Google.  This means that writing an article about everything there is to know on a topic is going to rank higher than an article that only covers certain points of the topic.

Pay Attention to SERP Features

Google has a lot of added features that aren’t just links to websites in their search results.  These include graphs, maps, and related questions.  If you pick a keyword that has less of these features, people are more likely to click on your website and it will help you raise your ranks on Google.

SEO Success Story

FedEx was able to use SEO to optimize their keywords.  When they were done, they had increased their organic traffic by 50%.

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By now you hopefully have a good idea of what kind of actions will help you in your quest to implement SEO for your business.  Following these techniques will enable you to move forward with a better understanding of what you need to do to maximize traffic to your website.


3 thoughts on “SEO: Basic Techniques

  1. The keyword section of your post is very interesting. Coincidentally, those are words that I frequent when conducting a Google search for information. Would be interesting to compare results with and without keywords. Thanks for sharing!


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