Business Blogging: The Basics

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By now you probably know all of the benefits to starting a blog for your business.  That leaves you with the next question: how do I get started?  The task of starting a blog can seem daunting but if you follow a few basic rules it can be so easy that you’ll want to get started today.  Ryan Wenstrup-Moore gave a seminar on the basic rules of business blogging.  Here are the ideas she shared.

Do You Have Something New to Say?

This is an extremely important question to ask before you start your blog.  If you are only going to be re-posting information that can be found on your website or on any of your other social media accounts, you shouldn’t be blogging.  People won’t come to your blog if they know that they can find the same information on Twitter or Facebook.  You should come up with original content to share that can only be found on your blog.


Your blog should have a similar look and feel to the rest of your social media presence without being identical.  It should have the same colors and a similar tone.  Widgets should also be used to allow people to interact with your blog.  It’s also important to make sure that your blog is accessible to people with disabilities.  Set the font big enough to be read and usually stick to a white background with black text.


The tone that you use on your blog should be less formal and corporate than you might use on your business website.  It should be more of an open conversation, so it is best to write blog posts that sound like you are talking to a friend.  Be transparent with who is writing the blog.  Have a page with information about the person or people who are writing the blog.

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Since the tone is supposed to be conversational, it is also important to interact with the people who are reading your blog.  Respond to comments as often as possible and if the comments are moderated, make sure they are posted quickly.  If you are linking something from another blog or a Twitter or Facebook post, be sure to let the person that you are linking to know what you are doing.  You can also continue the conversation on those platforms as well.

Delivery & Content

Be consistent with when you post.  It should be at least once or twice a week but be careful not to spam your readers.  Don’t blog if you don’t have anything to say.  If you are running low on ideas, you can feature a guest blogger and use their insight to reach your audience.

Successful Business Blog

The Pioneer Woman is a great example of a blogger who has been extremely successful on this platform.  She sells cookbooks but she also shares plenty of recipes right on her blog.  She posts regularly and also responds to the people who comment on her blog so she has developed a strong community of readers.

the pioneer woman
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Hopefully after reading these tips and hearing a success story you feel confident in your ability to start a blog for your own business.


3 thoughts on “Business Blogging: The Basics

  1. The Pioneer Woman is SUCH a great blog. I’m so glad you incorporated her work. She is such an inspiration to so many. The elements outlined in your article are certainly relevant in her blog. Thanks for sharing!


  2. These are all important ideas that can and should be used! You did an awesome job of connecting The Pioneer Woman and all of these tips! She does an awesome job and I’m glad you made the connection. Good work!


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